93% of software companies have major leaks in their sales process.



Matt Wolach

Managing Partner & SaaS Sales Coach

Entrepreneur, investor, coach, and leader, Matt Wolach knows the SaaS world from the inside out through nearly two decades of startup experience. His expertise lies in sales and in particular crafting a buyer journey in order to maximize conversions at every stage from lead to close.

Matt is the creator of The Perfect D.E.A.L. Process  which has created growth patterns that led to multiple 8 and 9 figure exits. He now uses his experience and this process to guide founders and leaders of B2B SaaS companies from around the world on how to effectively turn their demo process into a conversion machine.


Ready for your sales to catch more fish?

With our proprietary formula, you'll be able to:

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Book more meetings with an improved lead to demo conversion rate

Book More Meetings

Bridge the gap and close up to 50% or more of your product demos

Bridge the Gap

Maintain an incredibly high retention rate with upfront prospect education

High Retention Rate

Stop Making Critical Mistakes at the Beginning Stages of Your Sale

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Boost your demo conversions by 35%-50% with this 8-minute guide.

I help you close more deals in two ways:

Sales Process Audit

93% of software companies have a HUGE leak in their sales process. Have you found yours?

What if your competition has plugged their leaks and you haven't? 

Get an inside look at how prospects as well as customers see you through a detailed Sales Process Audit. We'll "shop" you and your product, including talking to your sales team as a prospect, then we'll talk with your competitors as well. Our highly detailed report will clearly show you how you line up.

Sales Xsell-erator

What would it mean to you and your company if you could double your close rates?

In our 6-week program you'll learn:

  • How to boost your lead -> demo conversions

  • Why what you're doing may be harmful

  • How to position so prospects NEED your product

Our proven formula, The Perfect D.E.A.L. Process, can turn your sales efforts into a predictable revenue-generating machine. Let's chat to see if there is a fit:

Real Results. Fast.

Case Study: MagnaWave


  • Competitors with inferior product were winning

  • Sales team was inconsistent

  • Close rates were frustratingly low


  • An Xsellus Sales Process Audit of all reps and 2 competitors

  • The audit uncovered numerous unknown issues

  • A competitor had a better call and walk-through process


  • A DOUBLING of close rates

  • Happier, more motivated sales reps

  • Faster close cycles

  • Xsellus process changes and coaching led to: 

"I made the best decision that I could make with Matt."

- Alane Paulley, President, MagnaWave

What They Said

"Without a doubt, Matt is the best sales leader I have come across. His very nuanced approach to exposing my blind spots was painless while being enlightening at another level."

Srikanth Chandrasekaran 


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