About Xsellus

Do you want your SaaS company to be world class and not only compete, but win in your market?

Let me help.

Hi, I'm Matt Wolach and I work with founders and leaders in B2B SaaS companies to transform their product demo and sales process into one that attracts and emotionally compels buyers to purchase.

I've had a lot of experience in the SaaS world that I draw on, from being a founder myself, to an investor, to designing, implementing, and working the sales process at several companies that led to many fundraising rounds and exits.

And in these roles I've noticed that the founders of many software companies have a really hard time selling to their buyers. Building a great product is one thing. Selling it is another. I've seen it first hand.

As part of my roles as an executive, I've demoed many products for my team's own use. There we were, watching a product demo of a solution we were investigating. But the demo was done by a SaaS founder, who although he was nice, clearly didn't understand sales and he hadn't been trained on the finer points of selling software. He didn't understand how to effectively bridge the gap and deliver a demo that creates a strong positive emotional response from a prospect. 

Our team checked out 5 minutes into the call. The team immediately dismissed the whole product because of the lack of connection. And the sad part: it was a great product.

Even sadder: this happens ALL THE TIME. That's where I come in. I help tech companies structure their verbiage, how they interact, and exactly what to say and when so that they can achieve tremendous growth. There are two paths we offer:

  • Join our next cohort and learn all of these skills- understand how to have prospects eating out of your hands

  • I can audit your current process to point out all of the mistakes and voids causing you to lose business.

Ready to close up to 50% or more of your demos? If so, talk to me and let's see if you are a fit for our program.

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