Sales Process Audit

What would you do with explicit knowledge of what your customers think of you? Or how they see you versus the competition? 


We'll provide a prospect's perspective of your company and its sales process through a detailed audit. We'll go through your sales process as a prospect (sometimes called a "shop"). Your team will not know, they'll treat us like all potential customers.  We will find out exactly how your current process is working. Or isn't. Then we can talk about how to make it better so you crush the competition.

Sales Process Audit

See your sales process from the customer's perspective

  • We go through a full experience of your buyer journey for you

  • The same complete review for 2 of your competitors (your choice which)

  • Get a complete report comparing your process versus the competition


Detailed analysis of:

  • Response times

  • Terminology

  • Methods used

  • Prospects' feelings and emotions

  • Recommendations for modifications and adjustments

  • Understand key misses that are killing your close rates

Sales Process Design

Once you've learned how you rate, let's design a killer process that wins

Creation of your post-lead buyer journey including:

  • How to convert almost all inbound leads into sales calls

  • The way to effectively qualify leads to only talk with the best fits

  • A highly compelling demo using The Perfect D.E.A.L. Process

  • Post demo formulas that deliver successfully closed deals

  • Includes strategies on how to best convey message to prospects


Engaging training sessions for your team including:

  • Initial delivery role play and reasoning

  • Your first demo back to coach with feedback

  • Your second and final demo back to coach with final analysis


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